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We are an independent community group bringing people together to appreciate and further the scientific knowledge of the  remarkable Fitzgerald River National Park

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About the Friends of the Fitzgerald River National Park

The Friends of the Fitzgerald River National Park have been strong advocates for the protection and appreciation of the park, and for the advancement of research within the Biosphere, since forming in 1980. 

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The objectives of the Friends of the Fitzgerald River National Park are:

  • To promote the appreciation and enjoyment of the park in a manner consistent with its high conservation values and to promote, by example, appropriate use.

  • To support and promote ecological studies within the park.

  • To support the Fitzgerald Biosphere concept and the establishment of other reserves proximate to the park.

  • To promote the position that any developments and activities in and immediately adjacent to the park be consistent with the protection of its conservation and landscape values.

  • To liaise with the management bodies (e.g. Department of Parks and Wildlife) and provide support where appropriate.

  • To maintain the Twertup Field Studies Centre.
History of the Friends

The Fitzgerald River National Park Association formed in 1980 at the instigation of the late Ken Newbey, a botanist whose work in the area remains an enduring legacy to this day. The Association's main objectives were to lobby the state government to fund a biological survey of the park, to provide assistance through working bees to the park rangers, and to restore Twertup, the only historic building within the park's boundaries.


The biological study was carried out between 1985 and 1987 by Ken Newbey and zoologist, Andrew Chapman, with assistance from Association members. The results of this survey still provide a basic biological reference for the Park.

In 1999 the Association was re-named the Friends of the Fitzgerald River National Park.

Committee members

The organisation's structure consists of a committee of up to eight people and a sub committee for the Twertup Restoration Project. The group has a membership of approximately 120 people.

Executive Committee

President:   Gillian Craig

Vice President:  Annie Leitch

Treasurer:   Sheryn Prior

Secretary:   vacant

Twertup Representative:

Alan Hordacre



General Committee:

Kate Brown

Liz Utting

Erika Jacobson

Sue Leighton


Newsletter Editor:

Vicky Bilney

Friends of the Fitzgerald River National Park Publications

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Friends Of The Fitzgerald River National Park


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Postal address:

Friends of the Fitzgerald River National Park

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